We do our best to make sure that items offered by ESEN are top quality. Nevertheless, the issue of complaint is unavoidable, therefore we show professional attitude towards it. Our complaints departament is equipped with machinery that enables us to test and diagnose all defects and errors.

General rules of complaints:

  • we sell only new parts that have 12 months warranty period
  • each parcel includes a warranty card, reciept (or invoice) and ordered part
  • car electronics should be assembled in a garage / workshop
  • in case of a complaint customer is required to show a confirmation (receipt or invoice) from the garage / workshop
  • if any of documents is missing the complaint is not going to be investigated
  • moreover, the item will be sent back to the customer at his / her expense in 14 days time starting from the date of receiving
  • traders who buy goods (with invoice) are fully responsible for phisical defects of the goods